Mike CorumWe are so sad to inform you that our very own Mike Corum passed away this week. As many of your know, he had been battling pancreatic cancer for the past months. His wife, Jaxine, wrote to us: “Mike has passed on to another life to write poetry with all the poets of the past! Loved this man and loved his passion to write and create. Thanks for all your influence, encouragement and friendship given to Mike for something he loved so much.”

More information can be found here. 


Heads up, Alums!  Folio Literary Management is hosting a free webinar for graduates of select MFA programs: “Publishing the Right First Book: How to Position Yourself for a Long and Successful Writing Career.” The webinar is merit-based, by invitation only, and will be capped at twenty-five writers. To fill out an application, go to The application deadline is March 19th, 2014. Don’t miss your chance to participate!  Folio Letter to MFA Alumnus


Our very own Robin Buckallew will be having a reading of her play, “They Don’t Make Movies Like Shane Anymore” in Lincoln, Neb. at the Bennet Martin Library at 14th and N street on Sunday the 19th at 2:30 p.m., and it’s open to anyone who wants to come.

Robin would love to anyone who’s in the area who can devote a couple hours come and give feedback. This will be a staged reading, not a full performance; it’s being done by a professional acting troupe, but it’s free of charge. The reading will be on the fourth floor of the library; you go through to the periodicals room, and take the elevator to the fourth floor.

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