Karen S. Kane Memorial Fellowship

Kane2Some of us studied with Karen. Others got to meet her when, after she graduated, she came to visit during Residency at the Lied.  And some of us have heard about her from our mentors or alumni who come back to visit. We all can recognize her from her picture and words immortalized on the MFA Quilt gifted by that first graduating class, made by Tonie Harrington

Karen S. Kane was a member of our first MFA graduating class, and was awarded her MFA degree in Summer 2007 with ten of her classmates.  Karen was a person who embodied the spirit of the program — the discipline to work constantly at her art, the tenacity to get it right, and the recognition that she was in it for a lifetime.  She was a writer with the gift for describing life in the purest and freshest language seasoned with original images that she literally “saw” as complete words playing across a screen behind her eyes.  This unusual gift was the side effect of a traumatic brain injury she suffered in 1985 that painfully altered her physical and emotional existence and set her on a journey that brought her to the UN MFA in Writing Program.  With her death in 2012, Karen left us all too soon, her artistic life still “a work in progress.”

This fellowship was established in her honor in order to help talented writers attend the UN MFA in Writing program.

To inspire us to give what we can, a generous donor will “match” our initial donations up to $5,000!

When you think about all of us, then add family and friends and coworkers (and friends you’ve made on various social media sites), you can see how any person who gives even a dollar will make a big impact.  From what we hear, the more we can raise at a “grassroots” level and the more names on the list below, the more attention we could get from donors who have big pockets.  So please consider making a donation!  Share this post.

If you have ideas for raising funds, post below!  There are Federal rules for fundraising, of course, but let’s talk ideas!

How to donate:

In the ‘Search Funds’ box, enter “Kane.” Click on the fund name and fill out the information to make your donation. You will receive confirmation of your donation via email.

  • Mail your donation to:

University of NE Foundation

P.O. Box 3465

Omaha, NE 68103-0465

Re: Karen S. Kane Memorial Fellowship

List of Donors

Benefactors: $5,000 +

Literary Patrons: $2,500 – $4,999

Literary Partners: $500 – $999

MFA Community: $100 – $499

  • Allen Living Trust / Mrs. Dawn Allen
  • Mr. David S. Atkinson
  • Ms. Shanan L. Ballam
  • Mr. David Bellusci
  • Mr. Kenneth G. Brosky
  • D & D Concrete Company, LLC
  • Ms. Denise E. Clemen
  • Mr. Gary R. Dop
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Cindy Duggin
  • Bill and Jenna Lucas Finn
  • Teri Grimm
  • Ms. Amy Hassinger
  • Mr. Arthur T. Homer and Ms. Alison J. Wilson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Kilb
  • Ms. Patricia Lear
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jacob and Teri Mandel
  • Ms. Molly L. Odell
  • Jim Peterson
  • Mr. Richard L. Robbins, Jr. and Mrs. Candace L. Black
  • Mr. Paul Ranney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Robertson
  • Mr. David & Dr. Karen S. Shoemaker
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Soule
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wyatt

Contributors: $1 – $99

  • Ms. Stephanie D. Austin
  • Mr. Pope Brock
  • Mr. Jason W. Freeman
  • Kate Gale
  • Ms. Natasha L. Kessler
  • Mr. Michael L. Lundy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leo Monardo
  • Ms. Carol J. Oyanagi
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Trowbridge
  • Jerry Vanieperen

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